Three Easy Steps for sharing laughter, love and fun with your baby

  1. Tune in to approaches  to enrich the joy you share with your baby and make it easier for your baby to listen, learn and talk.
  2. Target specific sound and language development, and unique style of the way your baby’s brain learns best, so your time and effort will have the greatest benefit.
  3. Explore approaches to match your baby’s sound, language and unique style for optimal  learning and developing communication.

Your baby is born with an innate ability to learn and communicate, and you have natural ways of talking and playing, that can help your baby’s brain focus on what is new and different, the key to all future learning and lifetime brain growth.

Thank you so much for all the very helpful information Dr. Banigan. You have offered me more information, insight and help then anyone else has since my son was 2 months old” (parent of a 22 month old boy)

Babies learn language naturally but Dr. Banigan’s approaches really help develop listening, learning and talking.” (American Baby Magazine)

“Busy parents can greatly improve their baby’s development using Dr. Banigan’s approaches.” (Gifted Child Today)

In controlled research studies where parents used Dr. Banigan’s approaches, babies responses more than doubled and after three weeks, babies produced significantly more consonants and words than control groups. (1989)

It is difficult to imagine that  your baby’s babble at 4 months old  can tell you if your baby is developing the listening for sounds  that will be needed for talking but also reading, writing and spelling. By 22 months, a baby has organized the rules to form sounds,  words, sentences, stories and new complex information needed for the lifespan. The baby has organized meaning of words into concepts and categories, the basic foundation for all future information learning, listening, and language for the lifespan.

For 40 years, I have researched and developed approaches that parents, babies, toddlers, school age children, and adults can use to Tune In, Target and Explore their Brain Power to make it easier to listen, learn and talk. Parents have enriched their babies’ learning and helped them to be successful later in school, careers and life.

YOU can make a significant difference in how EASY it is for your baby to listen, learn and talk by Tuning In, Targeting and Exploring the simple approaches on this website.